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Fernando Pessoa - Poesia Completa de Alberto Caeiro (Portuguese Edition). by Fernando Pessoa Não tenho pressa (Portuguese Edition). by Alberto Caeiro.
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Continuamente me estranho. Nunca me vi nem achei. I always feel like a stranger.

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From being so much, I have only soul. A man who has soul has no calm. A man who sees is just what he sees. A man who feels is not who he is. Attentive to what I am and see, I become them and stop being I. Each of my dreams and each desire Belongs to whoever had it, not me. I am my own landscape, I watch myself journey - Various, mobile, and alone. Not knowing what will come And forgetting what has passed, I note in the margin of my reading What I thought I felt. Mensagem, ed. Fernando Cabral Martins, Poesia , eds. Silva, Freitas and Dine, Poesia, Alberto Caeiro, eds.

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Despacito (Portuguese translation)

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Brazilian Portuguese Expressions: Useful Phrases in Brazilian Portuguese.

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As a Spanish speaker you are free to place the actor either before or after the verb in 'yes-no' questions those that can be answered 'yes' or 'no'. In Portuguese you have no such choice. Examples 1 through 4 above illustrate the positioning of the affirmative answer 'yes' with regard to the verb.

In Spanish it is most likely to appear before the verb, separated from it by a pause. In Portuguese its most normal position is after the verb, with little, if any, pause separating the two.

The ultimate list of carioca SLANG!

Examples 5 and 6 illustrate a common variant of the Portuguese pattern: the omission of the 'yes'. This is possible in Spanish too, of course, but it is much less frequent than in Portuguese. Basically, the process of making a verb or an entire utterance negative is the same in Portuguese as it is in Spanish. However, you should be aware of the following rather unique features.

The effect is to mildly emphasize the negative thought already expressed in the sentence. No, I didn't say anything.

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No, he doesn't have it. No, don't do that. Portuguese has these two in a somewhat different shape, to be sure plus quite a few more. All of them involve combinations of the prepositions em, de, a, and por with definite articles, demonstratives, personal pronouns, and the words aqui and outro.

We have tabulated most of them below. An empty box indicates a combination which does not contract.